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Guide for Submission

Preparation of the abstract file

  • Please prepare your abstract in MS-word file (.doc or .docx) .
  • The following information should appear at the head of the abstract with a line space between each item and before the main text (11pt, Times New Roman).
    - Name(s) of author(s) : the presenting author should be underlined. (11pt)
    - Affiliation, city, country, zip code and presenting author’s E-Mail address (10pt, Italic)
  • Abstracts should not exceed one page.
  • Example of Abstract can be downloaded from here.
  • Submit your abstract file through the conference submission page (see below). 
  • Abstracts submitted by 16 August, 2016 and accepted for presentation will be published in the Conference Abstract e-book exactly as submitted.
Abstract submission
  • Abstracts should be upload using the EasyChair system.
  • If you have not used EasyChair system, you have to sign-up for the system first.
  • Fill all field marked as "*".
  • Specify the abstract file path in "Upload Paper" section in the form.
  • Note: The form also has an abstract text field. Text in this field is ignored for review and publication in the Conference Abstract book. However, you cannot leave this field blank due to the system restriction, please enter arbitrary text.